Painting with glow effect
160 × 105 cm


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"I am fascinated by everything that glows, like a moth that is magically attracted to light. What would a painting look like if it could glow, if the colours changed according to my mood?" Varinia paints pictures that she partially illuminates from behind with LED and with changeable coloured light. Through years of experience as a theatre painter at the Schauspielhaus Zurich and Lucerne City Theatre, she has learned to work with various materials. In her spare time she has developed her own unique style. With this technique, the artist has opened up a unique artistic universe, giving her paintings a colourful, luminous and lively aura. Thanks to her new-found independence, she can give her creativity free rein. When she herself says that painting means "challenge, passion and fulfilment" to her, she is also referring to the incorporation of her own personality into a work - a piece of herself is emblazoned on every canvas. Painting is a language and language is communication. Varinia Oberholzer is an artist who lives out her passion with the utmost empathy. Every single work is a personal statement.